Thermocouple/Fine Wire Welding Machine

Impulse Welding is an ultra modern way of metal joining which replaces many other techniques such as riveting, soldering or conventional AC welding.

In the Impulse Welding, the required electric energy is stored in a CAPACITOR BANK, which is charged during the intervals between the two welds.  As the charging takes place quite slowly there is a great saving on power supply as compared to conventional AC welding machine. Also there is no sudden heavy burden (surge) on the mains, creating problems to other machines.

The actual welding time is only a few Milliseconds (Tentatively 5 to 8 mSecs) long so that only the very

welding zone is heated up, while neighboring zones remain practically   cold.    There is no distortion, tarnish or annealing of metal around the welding zone.  Welding time is so short that sufficient melting heat is produced in the welding zone, before heat dissipation, a state which is unavoidable with longer welding times.  This also means that the total amount of heat applied is as small as possible as - hardly higher as the necessary for the weld itself.  The welded parts stay practically at room temperature.

The high currents from Impulse Welders make this method applicable even for metals of high electrical and thermal conductivity such as copper, silver and even platinum.

With Impulse  Welding  machines, electrode  cooling  is  not  required  even at very high production  rates,   Electronic  stabilized  charging  along with  proper  feedback keeps the voltage  across  the capacitor absolutely constant and gives constant welding energy even at power line variation and with that highly reproducible welding results.

With the negligible  short  welding  time,  production  speed  is  limited only by the time required for feeding  in  parts  to  be  welded;  this  time  is  sufficient  for  recharging  the required capacitor banks.

Pneumatic Weldhead
Manual Weldhead

Welding is done on the job by placing the job in between two electrodes. The machine comes with Two types of fixtures

  1. Manual Weld head: Two electrodes are manually pressed by keeping the job in between.
  2. Pneumatic Weld head: Two electrodes are Pneumatically pressed by keeping the job in between.

Applicable in the industries below:

  1. Thermocouple welding
  2. Resistor Potentiometer internal welding
Energy25 Joules to 160 Joules60 Joules to 500 Joules
Charging Voltage30 volts to 425 volts continuously variable100 volts to 425 volts continuously variable
Voltage SettingBy 10 Turn Potentiometer for very high resolution in SettingBy 10 Turn Potentiometer for very high resolution in Setting
Indication3 Digital, Digital Indication of voltage can be calibrated in terms of energy3 Digital, Digital Indication of voltage can be calibrated in terms of energy
Current TransformerBuilt-in, External operationBuilt-in, External operation
Pulse DurationLess than 10 mSecsLess than 10 mSecs
Max. Weld Cycles20 / MINUTE, faster optional10 / MINUTE, faster optional
Dimensions150 mm (W) X 300 mm (H) X 425 mm (D) Approx185 mm (W) X 350 mm (H) X 450 mm (D) Approx
Weight20 kg. Approx35 kg. Approx