SWR Fittings Socketing Machine (RUBBER SEAT JOINT)

Semiautomatic, Pneumatically operated, single belling and cooling station, with Four (4) Electrically Heated Oven-stations

Off line Fitting Socketing machine with single belling and cooling station, with 4 (Four) electrically heated contact ovens suitable for “BELLED” injection molded fittings including double "Y". Machine is equipped for Interchanging of suitable parts for heating and socketing of 50,63,75,90,110 and 160 mm size fittings.

Fittings are heated with programmable adjustable timers with audio buzzer and visual lamp indication. Heated fittings are to be manually shifted from oven to the Socketing station. Actuation of Push switch ergonomically located in front of operator, Starts the Socketing cycle with clamp cylinder gripping the fitting via toggle mechanism, through water cooled die, on which rubber ring seat is to be formed. Once clamped, mandrel cylinder gets actuated, engaging the mandrel in to the clamped fitting. The compressed air is released through the mandrel to form the “Rubber Seat" in the fitting. Water is continuously circulated through mandrel & die to keep them cool.

On lapse of preset time, mandrel returns & the die open. Socketed fitting is now removed and heated fitting from appropriate heating station is manually placed in Socketing station. All four ovens are controlled by Solid State Devices with Auto-Tuning type of PID controllers for constant temperature operation. The entire Socketing cycle is automatic with solid state PLC controlled electrical panel with Man-Machine Interface (MMI) for all diagnostics and indications. Socketing/Cooling time along with heating time is programmable. The total production is also indicated for reference, and can be reset depending upon Shift/Weekly/Monthly basis.

ModelSWR Pipe/Socketing
Sizes75 to 160 mm
Electrical Load5 KW.
Chilled Water12 NB, @100C. @ 1 Kg/cm2 For Optimum Cooling. (Cooling Tower Water 18-200C will also suffice.)
Pipe Length1000 mm. to 6200 mm
Weight800 Kgs
Compressed Air8-10 CFM @ 10 Kg /cm2