Innovation has always been the core of Bright Stars Electronics. For past 30+ years, we have been providing customized solutions to our customers. Due to ‘out of the box thinking’ methods, we achieve what customer wants in the most efficient manner. Our USP is to provide solution which is robust, service free and cost effective.

How We Work?

  1. Listen to customers requirement carefully.

We give utmost importance to the ‘what customer wants?’.

  • Is it a new concept or if there is any reference point
  • Categorize the requirement on field: Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical or combinations of the above
  • Time period: What is the time spa in which customer want the product in hand
  • Cost: What is the budget from customer.
  1. Analyze the requirements and prepare a project plan
  2. Get it approved from the customer
  3. Start working on the challenge with the best possible equipment
  4. Convey if there is any issue which may have effect on the equipment, pricing or time span change
  5. Complete the job in time in budget

We offer solutions for:

  1. Equipment to establish SCADA system in dam/canal automation
  2. Testing and measuring instruments (Flow meter/Level sensors/etc.)


Note: We do not have a facility to test/certify an instrument. We manufacture the testing/measuring instrument