Hot Junction Welder For MI Thermocouples

This machine is most suitable to weld the Hot Junction of a SIMPLEX / DUPLEX / TRIPLEX ungrounded and grounded Mineral Insulated (MI) thermocouples of various types, and sizes ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm. Oxidization is totally avoided as the welding takes just few milliseconds, and with inert Gas Atmosphere. The use of ARGON inert gas for pre weld and post weld times does not allow the junction to oxidize at all. The welding is done stored energy, rather than the current, forming a weld as a beautiful bright bulb, and is immune to power supply variations and changes.

Principal of Operation:

A Capacitor bank is charged to the required voltage, monitored digitally, depending on the Energy requirements, according to the size and type of thermocouple. Two more additional capacitor banks can be added for bigger thermocouple wires. Actuation of the START switch purges Argon for predefined time, (pre-welding), the ARC strikes, discharging Heavy current through the joint fusing the same, forming a bulb, thus completing the welding. The Argon continues to flow for predefined time (post weld time) cooling the thermocouple, avoiding oxidization. Same method is adopted for Duplex / Triplex Thermocouples, with fine adjustment of torch. The Capacitor Energy that is fixed by Charged Voltage across it is used for Welding, making it free from supply voltage variations. As the Charging is done slowly, there is no load on the power supply. Thus just 5 Amps, at 230 Volts AC is enough for this purpose. The thermocouple is prepared and adjusted properly, in a special fixture. Welding torch and can be moved in both X and Y direction with very fine Lead screw type of precise arrangement, for accurate positioning, for welding Simplex, Duplex, Triplex thermocouples. The UP / DOWN movement with locking arrangement allows the torch movement in vertical direction. All these functions make the welding of DUPLEX / TRIPLEX Thermocouples without removal of the same. A Clip, is used to connect the other end of the thermocouple, forms the second electrode. A gap of about 0.5-to1.0 mm is adjusted between the junction and torch to avoid any contamination of the welding electrode, during welding. Welding is avoided, with indication, if the torch touches the junction. The provision is made to adopt Magnifying System or Microscope for inspection. The unit works on 230 / 110 V AC mains.

ModelCDTIG 2250
Energy2250 Joules 450 + 900 + 900 (Through Switch)
Charging Voltage30 volts to 900 volts continuously variable
Voltage SettingIncrease / Decrease by Switches
Indication3 Digital, Digital Indication of voltage can be calibrated in terms of energy
AdjustmentsX-Y movements by fine screw arrangement. Vertical by Lockable Screw
PurgingArgon (Not in our Scope of Supply)
Pre Argon Purging3-5 Seconds (Fixed)
Post Argon Purging3-5 Seconds (Fixed)
Thermocouple Size1-6 mm thick
Size585 mm (W) X 1600mm (900+700) (H) X 585mm (D) Fixture 285 mm Depth on Front Panel Bottom 700mm is kept Open for Rolls of Thermocouples.
Power supply230 Volts +/- 10% AC, 50 Hz. 1 phase
Operation heightSuitable for Normal operation
Torch contact Indication10 mm Bright RED LED
Magnifying SystemA) Mounting Arrangement is provided. (Microscope is not in our scope of supply) B) Special Magnifying System is quoted separately.